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[application of Weida embedded motherboard in multi parameter monitor]

Application of Weida embedded motherboard in multi parameter monitor

development prospect

health problem has always been a topic of concern. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people's attention to their own health has also increased to an unprecedented level. Multi parameter monitor is one of the conventional equipment in hospitals, which is widely used in ICU, CCU, ward, operating room, etc. A large number of people in our country also need a large number of high-precision medical devices. As a global enterprise of industrial computers, our company has launched the following solutions

system principle

the basic parameters of the human body, such as ECG, respiration, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, etc., are collected through a variety of detection modules. After amplification, filtering, transmission, CPU signal processing, and then the detection results are displayed, stored, printed, and connected to the central monitoring system, so that the medical staff on duty can observe and take corresponding measures. The main control part is particularly important in the whole system. Weidajia pm-1043 is used as the main control platform of the multi parameter monitor. The mainboard is pc/104 architecture, with STPC 133MHz CPU processing chip, SDRAM and Cr with low power consumption. I love my life on the island t/lcd control, Doc, IDE, CF, FDD, two strings in one, 1-255 second Programmable Watchdog Timer, ps/2 keyboard and mouse. The system is completed through the user board extended by this interface, including ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature The signals of a series of sensor detectors such as respiration are collected and processed in real time, and the final results can be output in various forms. Compared with other manufacturers, this motherboard not only has exquisite workmanship and stable performance, but also adds a c t m6900 lcd/crt video accelerator, which supports high-precision LCD and VGA modes of synchronous display. The maximum resolution of on-board video can reach 1024*768, which completely solves the defect of other similar products that the graphics display speed is too slow in the DOS environment. In terms of platform operating system selection, it can support a variety of embedded operating systems and provide wince support

system block diagram


system evaluation

(1) small size (96mm*96mm), complete interfaces, and users can flexibly realize their own application functions

(2) ultra low power consumption and reliable performance

pm-1043 onboard CPU and ram, with power consumption of only 5W. In the high temperature environment of up to degrees Celsius, taking 5 Argo as an example, there is no need for a cooling fan, which avoids the unreliable factors caused by the fan problem of the system. In addition, Weida also has a power module developed for the medical industry (passing the medical inspection standard)

it is often 10% lower than that of similar products, and the result is error free, with excellent performance price ratio

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