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According to the Beijing Morning Post on December 16, on the 15th, green construction enclosures appeared in the rooms on the middle floors of the south wall of the distribution building, which was mostly abandoned at the new site of CCTV on the East Third Ring Road. The walls of the rooms with increased enclosures were significantly whiter than before the fire

from 20:27 p.m. on February 9 to 2:00 a.m. on February 10, a fire broke out in the North annex building of the new site of CCTV. The fire that burned for six hours gathered the attention of the world. After the statistics, the area of the fire was more than 100000 square meters, with one person dead and seven injured

now, the North annex building has finally been renovated. The fire at the beginning of the year burned brightly for 6 hours. On February 13, CCTV held a meeting on the fire incident of the cultural center building attached to the new site park, informing the preliminary results of the survey of the fire site by the expert group, saying that this fire was the fastest burning case of buildings since the founding of new China. It is obvious that the application of flame retardant products is necessary at the time of re renovation

in recent years, fires in public places in China have caused heavy casualties and property losses, with a bad social impact. The physical causes of casualties caused by fires in public places include oil cylinders, electromechanical devices, button boxes, columns, lead screws, etc., mainly due to the existence of a large number of combustibles and poor evacuation routes. If the combustible content in most public places can be reduced, the fire load can be reduced, and the fire-retardant, low smoke, low toxicity or non-toxic decoration materials, furniture and other decorative items can be used, even if a fire occurs, it will generally not cause major personal casualties and property losses to any fault that cannot be checked and eliminated by itself. An important aspect of solving the problem is to make unified technical requirements for the combustion performance of flame-retardant products and components used in public places, promote the use of flame-retardant products that meet the standards, and through reasonable fire safety design, can greatly reduce the fire hazard in public places and reduce the harm of fire smoke to personnel. Steel prices also ushered in two rounds of sharp rises in the second and fourth quarters, To avoid causing major personal and property losses

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