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The wind of purchase restrictions has "cooled" the market, and the bathroom merchants can't hold it.

this year's relevant policies of the bathroom market have been wave after wave. With the promulgation of the purchase restriction order of residential housing this year, the rising trend of house prices has been effectively curbed, and many people have taken a wait-and-see attitude. With the cold of this round of commercial housing sales, the relevant supporting bathroom industry has also entered a "cold winter period"

the bathroom industry is "not prosperous in the peak season"

in the decoration market of the new century, there are more than 50 shops operating bathroom. At more than 10 a.m. that day, the store had already opened. The lights in the store were bright, all kinds of sanitary products were placed neatly, and the large advertisements outside the window were particularly attractive, but there were few customers, and the corridor was deserted

in a shop representing Nobel sanitary ware, the author saw that there were sevenoreight kinds of products, such as toilets, basins, sinks, etc. The shopkeeper Luo Shanding told the author that this year's business is not very good. In the worst month, only two businesses were completed, and the rent here is nearly 100000 yuan a year. It is estimated that he will lose money this year. He has had the idea of changing careers

the person in charge of the aiyitao bathroom store next door is checking the accounts of last month and checking the inventory. He is also facing the dilemma of poor sales. He told the author that according to past experience, it should be the time for many people to start decorating their houses. Sanitary products should enter the peak sales season from September, but now the sales volume has decreased a lot compared with last year. The experience of "not booming in the peak season" gives him a headache

the sales of arrow brand sanitary ware agency, which has the title of "Chinese famous brand", is not optimistic. With an area of nearly 600 square meters, this agent store is the largest arrow brand bathroom agent in Ningbo at present. The owner hujianlei said that the annual rent of this agency store is more than 200000 yuan, but the sales volume this year is not optimistic. Last month, the sales volume decreased by 10% to 20% year-on-year

in the interview, the author found that in the face of cold business, many sanitary products have reduced prices to varying degrees, but in the face of only 10% profit, some sanitary agents said there was no room for price reduction. "Our product itself is already a small profit. If we reduce prices and promote sales, we may lose money and earn a lot." The person in charge of aiyitao bathroom shop said helplessly

house price restriction order "cools" the market

"fewer people buy houses, of course, fewer people buy sanitary wares." An agent said bluntly. With the introduction of the purchase restriction order this year, the sales of residential houses have been greatly affected. Many citizens choose to wait and see with money, so the sales of sanitary products as supporting facilities have also been impacted

in the building materials market, the author met Miss Yu, who was shopping for bathroom for the wedding room. After asking about several products, she said she would go to other stores. She told the author that now many bathroom products are reducing prices, so she still wants to wait and see. Some friends around her choose to wait for a period of time to buy a house because of the purchase restriction order, and some cancel buying a house because of the purchase restriction

Hu Jianlei told the author that the golden age of sanitary ware was 2008 and 2009, and that time was when the sales of residential houses were hot all over the country. "At that time, our engineering team in charge of installation was too busy to eat every day." Hu Jianlei said

cost-effective and popular bathroom products are sought after by young people

under the purchase restriction order, young people who buy and marry to buy Bathroom products gradually become the main force. Compared with the previous pursuit of one-step and high-quality bathroom products, now popular brand bathroom products in the process of comprehensively implementing the cause of energy conservation are gradually favored

Beilun sales center of EMCO group is the largest EMCO sales store in Ningbo. In this sales center, the author sees everything from bathtub faucets to sanitary wares. Xierongbi, the manager of the sales center, and the SPI industry analyst pointed out that it was necessary to improve the accuracy of displacement testing to meet the requirements of users. Hua told the author that they had made five lists in one morning, most of which were used by young people to buy houses

it is understood that emmec pays attention to the civilian route. Compared with international famous brands, the price is much lower, and the sales strategy is basically based on small profits and quick turnover. "I mainly run volume here, and some products still rely on the rebate provided by the manufacturer to make profits." Xie ronghua said

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