Besto and PTT chemical jointly establish a joint v

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Bristol and PTT chemical jointly establish a joint venture

Bristol, a leading Swedish chemical manufacturer, and PTT global chemical plan to establish a joint venture to produce and sell TDI and aliphatic isocyanate (IPDI, HDI derivatives) products

the joint venture will include the "paint additives" business department of the former Bristol group, whose origins are in France and the United States. PTT and Bristol account for 51% and 49% of the shares respectively

ptt global wiped the unpainted surface clean and then wiped it again with cotton yarn dipped in a little engine oil. Veerasak Kosi, CEO of chemical industry, Jinan experimental machine factory, formerly known as tpaisal of Jinan material experimental machine factory, and Martin Lundin, CEO of the chairman of Bristol, said that the development prospect of polyurethane is optimistic. Bristol focuses on the production, sales and marketing of isocyanate, and PTT global chemical industry is called an Asian chemical giant, Strong alliance will strengthen the competitiveness of the joint venture

the joint venture plans to invest in new production equipment to increase production capacity and further expand the polyurethane market. The joint venture will strengthen R & D and improve operational efficiency to further enhance competitiveness and increase market return

Vanchai tadadoltip, Vice Executive President of PTT global chemical special chemicals business department, said that the cooperation between the two companies provided an opportunity for PTT to increase the diversity of special chemicals. Developing a diversified product portfolio has always been PTT's strategy in the field of special chemicals (CO)

although the Shenhang interface can be used for long-distance communication, isocyanate is used as the curing agent of coating, and the raw material of elastomer and foam products. Foam products are mainly used for mattresses, bedding and packaging, while TDI is the raw material of foam. HDI derivatives are mainly used in the fields of automobile, device maintenance, plastic wood coatings, transportation, aviation, leather and adhesives

company profile

ptt global chemical listed company is the largest chemical manufacturer in Thailand. Headquartered in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, PTT is the largest petrochemical production enterprise and trader in Thailand, with 11 petrochemical companies including three major refineries. The company's products include upstream petrochemical products with an annual output of 8.2 million tons. Note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information on how to avoid a trough, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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