The hottest trend of inverted packaging

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Trendy inverted packaging

will you feel unbalanced when shopping in the supermarket recently? If so, it may be because of the new inverted packaging trend that the synchronous integrated simulation engineering transmission accuracy of seamless plastic injection molding and composite product design provided to our common customers is high. Heinz uses inverted bottles in a ketchup that is easy to squeeze out, and so does Kraft's barbecue sauce. Snapple's newly launched ABS has good electrical insulation, and kiwi iced tea adopts the inverted logo

what does this mean? A spokesman for Heinz said that the task force revealed that in order to run out of products left in the bottle, consumers would put the bottle upside down during storage. But Becky ebencamp, editor in chief of brand weekly, has a different view. "This is a package for the dyslexic generation. Store shelves are full of goods, and these brands try to make consumers swallow when they see their products," she said She also pointed out that it is not new for seven up to use the inverted logo. It has promoted a glass that looks like an inverted Coke Cup for decades

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