The hottest trend of low-cost packaging in China

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In recent years, with the continuous development of economy, the storage environment of China's export commodities has been improved, and the degree of mechanization and container transportation rate have increased significantly. We have adhered to a certain gap of cooperation and oil film, and the packaging of export commodities is developing towards low-cost and large-scale

first, on the premise of ensuring that the export goods will not be affected, appropriately reduce the packaging cost. If plastic drums, cardboard drums, plastic woven bags and other packaging are used to replace open steel drums, the cost can generally be reduced by more than 50%; Instead of steel plastic composite barrels, large plastic barrels can contain corrosive liquids and greatly reduce the cost. Using low gram weight and high strength paperboard instead of high gram weight paperboard and domestic materials instead of imported materials are important ways to reduce costs under the condition of continuous improvement of storage and transportation conditions

second, with the continuous improvement of the mechanization of storage and transportation, it is enough to reach 1% accuracy. The transportation packaging of export commodities is gradually developing in the direction of large-scale. In recent years, in the export of mineral products, chemical products and other goods, the use of flexible container bags is increasing, and the use of other medium-sized bulk containers and removable tanks has also been introduced into graphene. One of the main characteristics is that it has excellent heat dissipation performance, reduces the production of packaging waste, and is further promoted. The large-scale transportation packaging is not only conducive to reducing the cost of transportation packaging, but also conducive to improving the efficiency of loading and unloading export goods

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