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End users: "how to improve legislation and improve the environmental awareness of the whole people is a prerequisite for the development of green packaging."

environmental protection although the strength of this safety belt is quite high, which is a trend of the development of flexible packaging, its development in China is still limited, which is attributed to the imperfection of packaging legislation and the weak awareness of national environmental protection. At present, the poor environmental protection performance has directly affected the application of soft packaging in high-end cosmetics, and more so, enough spare space should be reserved around the experimental machine for more investment in the packaging of medium and low-end products such as personal hygiene products and daily washing, such as shower gel, shampoo promotional small packaging, facial mask outer packaging, etc

the introduction of products in the form of vertical bags and replacement packaging is very popular with consumers, which not only saves material costs, but also meets the environmental protection requirements of products. There is no doubt that we hope to have more green packaging to add color to our products, but it depends on the overall environment, in which the improvement of the legal system is a prerequisite

upholstery Enterprises:

"it is still an inevitable trend to follow the environmental protection route. However, enterprises must consider their own actual situation."

green environmental protection is the development trend of the soft packaging industry, but enterprises must consider their own actual development. At present, the profit space of the upholstery industry has been reduced a lot. If enterprises want to implement environmental protection production, they must invest a lot of production equipment costs. In this way, the profit will become even thinner. Therefore, whether companies should take the environmental protection route or not should also consider their own actual situation. In order to give full play to the advantages of material carrying capacity and meet the needs of high-end customers, some manufacturers can consider taking the environmental protection route in advance to sell their products abroad and obtain more orders

the following aspects should be paid attention to in the development of environmental protection production in soft packaging enterprises: first, enterprises should adopt environmental protection packaging materials. Such as degradable film, water-soluble film, edible film, etc; Second, avoid excessive packaging and produce products that are in line with the interests of consumers, so that consumers can get more benefits; Third, production must comply with relevant international standards and national laws and regulations, work safely and be responsible to consumers

"flexo gravure printing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Enterprises should develop new environmental protection technologies in combination with the application characteristics of products."

gravure printing has been considered as the most polluted and environmentally friendly printing method in the past. But in recent years, with the rapid development of related technologies, the West has developed a pollution-free gravure production technology. Simply put, it uses water-based ink as a solvent to achieve pollution-free effect. On the other hand, the plate making process has also been improved to minimize the environmental pollution caused by gravure printing

flexo printing seems to have more advantages in current production. Because flexo printing uses water-based ink, it is more environmentally friendly. However, flexographic printing is more suitable for short edition printing. If long edition printing is to be carried out, plate making must be carried out many times, which will increase the cost. If flexo printing can be further improved in raw materials, production technology and other links, its development space will be very broad

environmental protection is a problem connecting the whole production chain. If there is a problem in any link, it may lead to non environmental protection, so it cannot be absolutely. Of course, each printing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so there is no substitution, and it can only complement each other

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