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Wang Demao: deep causes of printing machine technology retardation

vice president of printing equipment association: explore the deep causes of printing machine technology retardation

interview with Wang Demao, executive vice president of China printing and equipment industry association

□ this newspaper trainee Hai Yanjuan

I often hear the bosses of printing enterprises say that domestic XX and XX printing machines cannot be used and lack high-performance large and medium-sized machines, Therefore, they have to buy expensive Heidelberg and Roland at multiple prices. Improving the technical level of printing equipment is related to the long-term development prospects of China's printing industry. Nowadays, the weak technical foundation of China's printing equipment is an important problem commonly faced by Chinese enterprises. How can we make our printing industry change such a situation? On this issue, Wang Demao, executive vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, was interviewed by China publishing news. The problems that Wang Demao talked about deserve deep reflection in the industry

local enterprises should develop technology at a deeper level

to improve the technical level of China's printing enterprises, one of the important issues is how to make the level of introduction deeper, rather than just introducing a complete machine. We should also introduce the main technologies supporting the complete machine, so that the technical foundation for economic development will be stable, said Vice President Wang Demao. He told China publishing news that from the perspective of exhibitors who have always participated in China print, the exhibitors are mainly domestic enterprises, followed by some well-known large foreign manufacturers, while foreign small and medium-sized printing enterprises rarely participate. From here we can see some problems. He said: China's local printing enterprises only deal with large foreign factories, and cannot fundamentally solve the technical problems, because the technologies of these big factories may not be developed by themselves, and some may come from other enterprises

wangdemao introduced that after investigating the foreign printing industry and doing a lot of communication with foreign insiders, he found that the technology of some small and medium-sized enterprises is not used independently, but is used in complete sets with large machinery and equipment. Some foreign manufacturers specialize in the production of paper feeder, reel machine, dryer and other equipment. The products of large printing equipment manufacturers we see in China are often the result of the combination of various small equipment links. However, China's Indian enterprises directly introduce foreign advanced large machinery and equipment, and after the intermediate business links, they cannot understand the technical core of the relevant parts

in order to make our enterprises become foreign, we must have a deep understanding of foreign industries and foreign technology

foreign cooperation, pay attention to foreign indigenous enterprises

from this point of view, the technology of some foreign small and medium-sized enterprises is also needed by Chinese enterprises. For example, in China's automobile production, automobile factories do not have much of their own things. Automobile parts turn construction waste into new building materials after treatment. Most of them come from other countries. Chinese manufacturers mainly process and assemble

many large foreign printing machinery and equipment manufacturers, like our automobile assembly workshop, have their own unique technology, but many of the specialized technology core comes from component suppliers. In the post technology era, when the equipment technology is extremely complex and in-depth, with this special high-tech coordination, the technical capacity of the equipment can be strengthened. In contrast, China's equipment enterprise model is still in the workshop era

therefore, in terms of technology, our manufacturers should not focus on large manufacturers, but should reflect on their own problems, find weak areas, and directly contact and cooperate with domestic and foreign manufacturers engaged in research and development in this field, so as to improve their technical level

wangdemao said wittily: I feel that some small and medium-sized enterprises abroad are also very rustic, do not know the external situation, and the information is blocked. For foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, the key to coming to China is not to sell many machines and equipment, but to show their own technology and let Chinese enterprises understand and exchange; Or it can be produced directly in China, and the production cost in China is also low, and it can be developed outside China. This is a promising development path

however, if these foreign small and medium-sized enterprises can't open their eyes and only cooperate with domestic factories to speed up the growth of talent team, the result can only be that large factories can earn more profits and miss the opportunity; If foreign small and medium-sized technology manufacturers cooperate directly with Chinese enterprises, they will benefit more

foreign insiders also agree with this view, but the specific implementation is difficult and requires a long-term process. Then, for large manufacturers in China, we should pay attention to cooperating with these foreign technology-based enterprises, which is conducive to improving the technical level of the enterprise itself, solving technical problems, and promoting the improvement of the overall level of the enterprise

from soil to ocean, the key lies in the concept of people

when asked whether Chinese printing industry associations and other organizations can provide such a contact platform for the development of Chinese machinery and equipment manufacturers, and introduce foreign indigenous small and medium-sized enterprises with unique professional technology to domestic enterprises? Wangdemao said: whether we can strive for cooperation with foreign small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, the key to the problem is to change our ideas

Chinese printing equipment enterprises often have the prejudice of cooperating with large foreign manufacturers, and there is a trend of ignoring small and medium-sized enterprises. After changing the concept, domestic enterprises will naturally be able to consciously and spontaneously explore such technology enterprises. How to do the glass fiber sheet tensile testing machine? But if we don't change our ideas, even if these technology-based enterprises are pushed in front of them, they will turn a blind eye

wangdemao said that this is not to deny the progress of cooperation with foreign comprehensive large manufacturers. However, it should also be noted that from the long-term development of China's printing economy, it is better to improve their own technical level and produce these advanced equipment locally rather than buying the advanced equipment of large manufacturers

in foreign countries, many manufacturers specialize in paper feeding, paper receiving, CPT (computer direct plate making) technology, drying technology, etc., and they have done deep research. Their specialization division of labor is very fine and the degree of specialization is very high. In this way, many problems in China's printing machinery industry need to be further studied. Wang Demao said: it is almost impossible for a factory to become a versatile person. From this point of view, he proposed that Chinese enterprises can find the right remedy according to their own shortcomings. For example, if you are backward in paper feeding, you need to find foreign paper feeding plants. If you are weak in paper receiving, you need to find foreign paper receiving machine enterprises. In the long run, Chinese printing enterprises gradually attach importance to the cooperation with foreign small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, and further attract foreign technology to China to participate in exhibitions and operate in China, forming a virtuous circle and promoting the progress of the whole industry

I also try to find agents who are familiar with the situation in the United States and Europe, and invite some small and medium-sized manufacturers to establish relations with us, so as to further our technological development. As an important leader of the China Printing Industry Association, Wang Demao expressed concern that enterprises are not aware of these deep-seated problems, but only pay more attention to the overall and superficial development. He said: This is still a problem of understanding. If enterprises recognize this problem, they should adjust their direction and solve the technical problems at a deep level and fundamentally, rather than solving the problems superficially and superficially

for the prospect of cooperating with foreign small and medium-sized printing enterprises to improve the technical level of Chinese enterprises, vice president Wang Demao believes that as long as we change our ideas, attract and pay attention to these foreign small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises, after going through a process of understanding and development that will surpass other types of plastic machine products, both sides are aware of each other's needs and cooperate, and the time to solve the problem will naturally mature

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