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Defect analysis of machine tool castings

the production of machine tool castings requires a very complex process As long as one of the processes or a process error, will cause casting defects The same kind of defects often have different formation reasons due to different occasions and parts. This complex situation brings great difficulties to the accurate judgment of casting defects and the analysis of innovative and practical value due to the long use time of this kind of instruments On the basis of introducing the types and characteristics of defects in machine tool castings, this chapter mainly talks about the formation mechanism of casting defects, defect analysis, cause finding, method application, quality inspection and defect repair, so as to increase the basic knowledge of casting technicians and improve the ability to analyze problems through magnets and iron oxides Casting defects do great harm to casting production and machine tool casting quality

advantages of resin sand casting machine tool bed castings:

1, resin sand mold has good rigidity and high sand mold strength at the initial stage of pouring, which makes it possible to effectively eliminate shrinkage cavity and porosity defects by using the graphitization expansion of cast iron solidification process, so as to realize less riser and no riser casting of gray iron and nodular iron castings

2, polystyrene foam pattern is used in full mold casting production, and furan resin self hardening sand is used for molding When the liquid metal is poured into the mold, the foam plastic pattern is rapidly vaporized and burned under the action of high diffuse liquid metal. The experimental performance meets the requirements of ASTM standard B611 (15) method. The liquid metal replaces the position occupied by the original foam plastic, and cools and solidifies into a solid casting with the same shape as the pattern

3, relatively speaking, lost foam casting has great advantages for the production of single or small batches of automobile panels, machine tool bed and other large molds and other traditional sand molds. It not only saves the expensive wood mold cost, but also is easy to operate, shortens the production cycle, improves the production efficiency, and has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, good surface quality and so on (end)

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