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On March 19, 2019, the Hubei Provincial Bureau of market supervision and Administration organized and held the acceptance meeting of the Provincial Bureau of science and technology plan projects, which evaluated the three former Hubei Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision science and technology plan projects undertaken by the Hubei Provincial Metrology Institute, "development of low-energy standard impact samples for the verification/calibration of cantilever impact testing machines" "Development of multi parameter automatic calibration device for motor vehicle steering control force tester" and "development and application of pretreatment device for verification of thermal desorption gas chromatograph - Portable Thermal adsorption instrument" were accepted and reviewed

seven science and technology project evaluation experts from Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of engineering, Hunan Institute of Metrology and testing, Hubei Institute of food and drug supervision and inspection for maximum force, bending strength, deflection, elastic modulus and other products, Hubei Institute of electronic information product quality supervision and inspection, and Hubei Fangrui certified public accountants were invited to the meeting. The experts listened to and considered the work report and relevant technical documents of the project team, reviewed relevant supporting materials on site, and questioned

in each project, the "development of low-energy standard impact samples for the verification/calibration of cantilever impact testing machine" project has developed a set of cantilever pendulum and test support pendulum standard impact testing machine, which will provide the possibility to improve the accuracy of the metrological verification of impact testing machine, and establish the foundation for the accuracy, reliability and unified value of plastic standard impact samples in metrological verification; The project "development of multi parameter automatic calibration device for motor vehicle steering control force tester" realizes the multi parameter calibration of motor vehicle related testing equipment and the automatic control of the calibration process; "Research and application of portable thermal adsorption instrument, a pretreatment device for the verification of thermal desorption gas chromatograph", a set of portable thermal adsorption device convenient for the sampling of adsorption materials has been developed, which solves the problems that the thermal desorption gas chromatograph cannot be detected, is not fast, and is not accurate. After full discussion, the expert group believes that the acceptance materials provided by each project team are complete, the planned tasks have been completed, and it is unanimously agreed to pass the project acceptance

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the legal metrological verification institution directly under the leadership of Hubei Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision established by the people's Government of Hubei Province according to law is the technical entity of the Central South National Metrological Testing Center, the national legal metrological verification institution approved by the metrological administrative department of the State Council

set up 5 functional departments, 1 scientific research institution, 1 marketing institution and 8 professional technical departments

1. Provide analysis and testing technical services for optoelectronic product manufacturers and R & D teams

help enterprises and high-tech entrepreneurs use the open management platform to solve the hard injury of insufficient R & D investment, reduce investment risk, meet the testing needs of enterprises, minimize the R & D and testing costs, and help optoelectronic product manufacturers and R & D teams solve R & D and technical problems

2. Build a common technology platform with optoelectronic product manufacturers to 1. Innovate and develop new plastic materials and new processing technologies, as well as national engineering centers and national enterprise technology centers

3. Create intellectual property rights and advanced standard services for optoelectronic product production enterprises, and participate in the establishment of standards alliance, technology alliance and industrial alliance with enterprises as the main body

4. In terms of scientific research, we can jointly undertake national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological research projects with optoelectronic product manufacturers, and implement external two-way interaction; On the one hand, we can invite units that are difficult to enter the domestic market to enter the laboratory with relevant topics to carry out scientific research activities; On the other hand, we can invite public bidding for existing projects to attract units with research expertise and practical ability to enter the laboratory for cooperative research. If the applied project needs to cooperate with other units, these units can be invited to complete the project together. Through this two-way interaction, open cooperation can play a win-win role

5. Externally, we should make full use of the open management platform to introduce domestic and foreign laboratories into the laboratories, so as to improve the cohesion with integration. When appropriate, we can also introduce venture capital, make it a laboratory of science and technology incubator, assist the government to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate enterprises and entrepreneurs

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