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Rapid development of basic parts industry through scientific and technological innovation

rapid development of basic parts industry through scientific and technological innovation

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Guide: in China, almost all wind turbine spindle bearings and high-speed EMU bearings rely on imports; The automatic transmission used by cars and the high-end hydraulic parts assembled by excavators still rely heavily on imports. Only take the high-pressure and high-flow hydraulic components required for engineering machinery as an example, 2010

in China, almost all wind turbine main shaft bearings and high-speed EMU bearings are imported; The automatic transmission used by cars and the high-end hydraulic parts assembled by excavators still need to be heavily imported...

just take the high-pressure and high-flow hydraulic components required for the supporting of construction machinery as an example. In 2010, the import of hydraulic parts was $2.858 billion, an increase of 32% year-on-year, of which two-thirds of the imported hydraulic parts were used for construction machinery, and 70% of the total profits of the construction machinery industry were swallowed up by imported basic parts. At the same time, due to the high supply price, delayed supply and other factors, it is difficult for Chinese Excavator enterprises to take the initiative in the fierce market competition. In 2010, China's Excavator Industry sold 165800 sets, a year-on-year increase of 78.52%, of which the market share of independent brands was only 28.30%

this is one of the embarrassing manifestations of the serious lag in the development of China's basic parts industry

basic parts have a wide range of varieties and specifications, mainly including bearings, gears, molds, hydraulic parts, pneumatic components, seals, fasteners, etc. they provide supporting facilities for aerospace, weapons, machinery manufacturing, transportation, construction engineering, metallurgy and mining, petrochemical industry, electric energy, electronic communications, light industry and textiles, and speed up the delivery of drugs. They are an indispensable part of the equipment manufacturing industry, It directly determines the performance, level, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products

equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic and basic industry that provides technical equipment for various industries of the national economy. It has high industrial relevance, strong ability to absorb employment, and technology and capital intensity. It is an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress in various industries and a concentrated embodiment of the country's comprehensive strength. It can be said that if we cannot improve the manufacturing level of basic parts as soon as possible, it will be difficult to realize the transformation of China from a large equipment manufacturing country to a powerful country

after years of development, China's basic parts manufacturing industry has formed an industrial system with complete categories, large scale and certain competitiveness. However, the shortcomings of the development are also very obvious: large but not strong, prominent structural contradictions, unable to meet the requirements of the host, key parts are still heavily dependent on imports, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of major equipment in China. The main problems are as follows: first, the ability of scientific and technological innovation is weak. The early failure rate of products is high, the service life is short, and the reliability is poor. At present, there are no more than 10 companies in the world that have developed this kind of material. The performance indicators of various domestic host basic parts are roughly equivalent to the level of foreign countries in the 1980s, and there is a large gap with the world's advanced level. Second, the industrial structure is unreasonable. The low price vicious competition of low-end basic parts and components products is serious, and the R & D and manufacturing capacity of high-end basic parts and components is seriously insufficient. Third, the technological equipment is backward. The process control ability and process assurance ability are unbalanced, and the manufacturing technology and detection means are backward, which makes the consistency and stability of products unable to meet the requirements of the host, seriously affecting the improvement of product manufacturing level. Fourth, it is difficult for new products to enter the market. The inspection and certification system is not complete, new products lack experimental verification and application performance, and users and host enterprises lack confidence in the use of basic parts and new products

due to the late recognition of the important position of basic parts in the machinery industry and the long-term lack of investment, the whole industry has a poor foundation, weak foundation and weak strength. At the same time, the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry has long had the prominent problem of focusing on the main engine and light parts. With the improvement of the level of China's main engine, the bottleneck phenomenon of basic parts lagging behind the main engine has become increasingly apparent, so that in the 18 key areas of major technical equipment supported by the state, the key basic parts of most products rely on imports and are controlled by others

the lagging development of basic parts industry has attracted great attention of the country, and the high-end development of parts has been listed as a strategic issue for the development of equipment manufacturing industry. The state has successively issued a series of policies and measures, such as the implementation plan for the revitalization of the basic mechanical parts industry and the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of basic mechanical parts, key special materials and basic manufacturing processes, and proposed that through three years of efforts, a number of key technologies for basic parts manufacturing should be broken through, and the product technology level should reach the international advanced level at the beginning of the 21st century; Research and develop a number of key basic parts, master a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and improve the supporting capacity of basic parts of major equipment to more than 70%; Adjust the industrial and product structure, develop a number of high value-added products, and cultivate a number of highly specialized basic parts enterprises and well-known brands with international competitiveness; We will increase support for technological transformation, focus on strengthening the construction of process equipment and testing capacity, create a number of industry technical service platforms, improve the technological innovation system, and consolidate the foundation of technological innovation

while the development of basic parts industry has received policy support, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries have also brought new opportunities for the revitalization of the industry. The state will strengthen scientific and technological innovation, improve the level of major equipment autonomy, and expand and strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry, which will promote the further development of the basic parts industry. Vigorously promoting the development of strategic emerging industries and actively cultivating new economic growth points will bring new opportunities for the development of high-end parts industry; The high-end equipment manufacturing industry has become one of the seven key areas of strategic emerging industries that the state has focused on developing and cultivating. Now it has been clear that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry should focus on the development and cultivation of five key directions, namely, aviation equipment, satellite and its application industry, rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment, which all need to provide high-end basic parts, It will undoubtedly bring huge market capacity to the industry

accelerating the revitalization of the basic parts industry is of great and far-reaching significance. Accelerating the breakthrough of key parts and components will also strive to develop the bottleneck towards higher annual output, and constantly meet the needs of the development of equipment and strategic emerging industries in various fields. This is not only the internal requirement of the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry itself, but also the basic guarantee and important support for the adjustment and revitalization of key industries, the cultivation and development of emerging industries, and even the technological progress in various industries and fields of the national economy

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