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Scientific instruments check food safety fresh e-commerce needs to strengthen the monitoring of the whole industry chain

fresh e-commerce will change from rough to exquisite, from public to niche, from products to industry, from users to everyone, and finally break the industry barrier. At a time when the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, we should establish a trust chain with collaborative consumption, take the lead in laying out 20% of the user market, and force 80% of the market

from 1 From the unpopular field where the gauge distance is not favored by e-commerce to the emerging industry that has attracted much attention in recent years, fresh e-commerce has become the next place for more and more enterprises to compete

the competition pattern of fresh e-commerce is obvious, and the food safety problem is still prominent.

from the current internal competition pattern of the industry, the major e-commerce giants have joined the fierce competition in the fresh e-commerce industry in recent years. With their strong strength, the accumulation of user groups and ultra fast logistics, they have great advantages in the layout of offline retail physical stores of fresh food. Many small and medium-sized fresh food e-commerce platforms are still in the "accompanying" stage. Although they have their own characteristics, they are still unable to form their own climate and are difficult to compete with giants

however, whether it is a giant or a small and medium-sized platform, consumers are not most concerned about brand awareness, logistics speed, incentives and other content, and the most important thing is food safety. Even the e-commerce giants that occupy an absolute competitive advantage will still be in trouble once they encounter food safety problems. For example, recently, a fresh e-commerce brand was exposed to relabel expired food, which suddenly stirred up the nerves of consumers. At the same time, it has once again caused problems in food safety for fresh e-commerce on the Internet

scientific instruments check food safety. Fresh e-commerce needs to strengthen the monitoring of the whole industrial chain.

you know, whether it is the traditional vegetable market or fresh e-commerce, there is an industrial chain from production to transportation and then to sales. The difference is that the vegetable market hides all the links before sales and presents consumers with the appearance of the final food on the shelf. Although the domestic farmers' market has also begun to strengthen the traceability system management in recent years, it still needs some time to popularize and consolidate. In contrast, fresh e-commerce and consumers are separated by a layer of virtual Internet world, and food traceability management and safety monitoring should be further controlled

in terms of the three main links of the industrial chain - production, transportation and sales, the food origin, transportation process and final storage and sales of fresh e-commerce all need to be safe. First of all, in terms of food producing areas, soil and water quality directly affect the quality of food. Pollutants in the environment will enter the soil and water source through the ecological cycle, affecting the growth of food raw materials. This requires the use of soil analyzers, water quality analyzers and other instruments and equipment to detect the local environment when selecting the place of origin. In addition, due to the current concern about pesticide residues in food, it is also necessary to understand the use of pesticides and fertilizers and use pesticide residue detectors to quickly detect agricultural products. The next step is transportation and storage. The food that needs to be refrigerated should be transported and stored with refrigeration equipment within a certain temperature range to ensure that the food will not deteriorate. At present, some small and medium-sized fresh food e-commerce platforms lack refrigeration and fresh-keeping equipment. Once some of them decay during transportation and preservation, it will lead to cross pollution. Food transported and preserved in general environment should also be protected from pollution. Therefore, food should be screened and tested before it is sent to shelves or delivered to consumers

of course, with regard to the food safety of fresh e-commerce, it is not only the producers and sellers themselves that should do a good job of self inspection. 3) the space for useful experimental tasks is wide:> 680 mm, and the relevant departments should also strengthen the supervision of the whole industry chain to prevent illegal businesses from making up for others. Only by doing a good job in food safety monitoring in every link, can fresh e-commerce corrosion experiments: salt spray corrosion, intergranular corrosion and other industries completely enter the "accelerated run" and glow with all vitality

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