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"50+110" scientific and technological research and promotion projects in the textile industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

scientific and technological research and industrialization projects in the textile industry during the 12th Five Year Plan Period:

I. Basic Research (5)

1 Basic research on fiber material processing

2 Basic research on spinning and weaving processing

3 Basic research on printing and dyeing processing

4 Basic research on smart textiles and clothing culture

5 Basic research on textile machinery manufacturing

II. High tech industrialization of fiber materials (5 items)

6 Key technologies of differentiated and multifunctional fiber industrialization

7 Research and development of industrialization technology and equipment for high-performance fiber materials and applications

8 Research and development of diversified polyester products and technical equipment

9 Industrialization and application of biomass fiber materials and environmental friendly processing technology of cellulose fiber

10 Natural fiber processing technology

III. key technologies of new spinning and weaving (8)

11 New spinning technology

12 Spinning process quality control technology

13 Special animal fiber carding technology

14 Special technology and equipment for spinning ramie, flax and other ramie fibers

15 Silk processing and raw silk detection technology

16 New knitting technology

17 New weaving processing technology

18 Research on intelligent processing technology of textiles

IV. high and new printing and dyeing technologies (6 items)

19 Efficient short process pretreatment technology

20 Less water and anhydrous printing and dyeing processing technology

21 Printing and dyeing detection and digital technology

22 Textile Functional Finishing Technology

23 Hemp fiber dyeing and finishing technology and special additives

24 Key technologies for dyeing and finishing of new fiber and component fiber fabrics

v. key technologies for processing high-performance industrial textiles (7)

25 Key processing technologies of nonwovens and industrial textiles

26 Composite processing and finishing technology of industrial textiles

27 Medical and sanitary textile processing technology

28 Key technologies of filter material processing and application

29 Geosynthetics processing technology

30 Key technologies of textile processing for transportation, construction and synthetic leather

31 Textile processing technology for safety protection

VI. energy saving and environmental protection technology (3)

32 high strength PVC gem layer such as waste textile is cheaper than solid wood and more portable. Recycling technology

33 Development and application of efficient and environmental friendly dyes, additives and sizes

34 Advanced wastewater treatment and resource reuse technology

VII. Research on modern garment manufacturing technology (2 items)

35 Development and application of garment enterprise information integrated manufacturing system

36 Research on manufacturing technology of high-end suits

VIII. Textile machinery (8 items)

37 Differentiated, high-tech fiber equipment

38 New spinning equipment

39 New weaving equipment

40 New nonwovens equipment

41 New dyeing and finishing equipment

42 Key accessories of textile machinery

43 New energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and equipment

44 Advanced manufacturing technology of textile machinery

IX. Textile Information Technology (5)

45 Development and application of manufacturing execution system (MES) in textile mills

46 Integrated application of textile enterprise information system

47 Textile macroeconomic decision support system

48 E-commerce service platform for textile professional market

49 Application of IOT technology in textile industry

X. textile standard research (1 item)

50 Textile standard research

promotion project of advanced and applicable technologies in the textile industry during the 12th Five Year Plan:

I. fiber material processing and production (items 1-13, a total of 13)

1 High tech fiber industrialization technology (items 1-2)

2 Efficient new production process technology (items 3-7 check their own protective devices as required)

3 Energy saving, water saving and cleaner production technology (items 8-13)

II. Spinning and weaving (items 14-35, a total of 22)

1 New cotton textile technology (items 14-22)

2 New wool spinning technology (items 23-25)

3 New hemp spinning technology (items 26-29)

4 New Silk Technology (items 30-34)

5 New knitting technology (item 35)

III. dyeing and finishing (items 36-55, a total of 20)

1 High efficiency and short process pretreatment technology (items 36-39)

2 Less water and anhydrous printing and dyeing processing technology (items 40-47)

3 Detection and measurement control technology (items 48-49)

4 Special finishing technology (items 50-51)

5 Dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse technology (item 52)

6 Comprehensive resource utilization technology (items 53-55)

IV. manufacturing of finished products (items 56-67, a total of 12)

1 Industrial textile processing technology (items 56-60)

2 Energy saving and environmental protection processing technology for household textiles (items 61-62)

3 Automation, digitalization and informatization production technology of garment enterprises (items 63-67)

v. localized equipment (items 68-105, 38 in total)

1 High tech fiber equipment (items 68~72)

2 New spinning equipment (items 73-79)

3 New weaving equipment (items 80-86)

4 New nonwovens equipment (items 87-89)

5 New printing and dyeing equipment (items 90-95)

6 Key accessories of textile machinery (items 96-100)

7 Advanced manufacturing technology of textile machinery (items 101-105)

VI. Textile Information Technology (items 106-107, a total of 2)

VII. Development and management technology of textile and clothing products (items 108-110, a total of 3)

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