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The reform of the scientific and technological system focuses on the re purchase and idleness of scientific research instruments

"this reform is to further implement the outline of the medium and long-term scientific and technological development plan, highlighting the five key points of strengthening the main body of enterprises, strengthening collaborative innovation, reforming scientific and technological management, improving the talent development mechanism and creating a good environment." On the 10th, at the report meeting on studying and implementing the spirit of the national scientific and Technological Innovation Conference in the capital's scientific and technological circles, Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology, revealed the key tasks and corresponding policies for deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system

Wan Gang introduced the basic situation of the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system and accelerating the construction of the national innovation system (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). He said that to promote the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development, the key lies in strengthening the dominant position of technological innovation of enterprises, promoting the cooperation between industry, University and research, strengthening the connection and interaction between industry, University and research, and promoting different innovation subjects to learn from each other's strengths, develop their strengths, and do their best in cooperation. He said that on the whole, Chinese enterprises are weak in independent R & D and technology integration. Therefore, enterprises should be supported to build technology research and development institutions, and qualified enterprises should take the lead in implementing major science and technology projects with clear industrial objectives; Deepen industry university research cooperation and promote the flow of innovative elements such as technology and talents to enterprises; Encourage scientific and technological personnel to establish scientific and technological enterprises

when it comes to creating an innovation environment for all kinds of enterprises to compete fairly, Wan Gang particularly stressed the need to vigorously support small and medium-sized enterprises and microenterprises. In terms of improving and implementing policies, we should strengthen and improve policies such as the addition and deduction of R & D expenses, accelerated depreciation of R & D equipment, recognition of high-tech enterprises, and government procurement, and increase support to make enterprises become the main body of technological innovation decisions, R & D investment, scientific research organizations, and the transformation and application of achievements. At the same time, to improve the ability of scientific research institutions and universities to serve economic and social development, we should guide and support the development of private scientific research institutions from the aspects of tax incentives, talent introduction, and undertaking national scientific and technological tasks. We should improve science and technology to support the development of strategic emerging industries and the upgrading of traditional industries, deploy innovation chains around industrial needs, and promote agricultural development and the improvement of people's livelihood

he especially pointed out that strong and qualified enterprises should be encouraged and guided to participate in basic frontier research, adding new impetus to China's basic frontier research and original innovation

According to Wan Gang, in terms of the construction of the innovation system, we should promote the coordinated development of the innovation system, coordinate the construction of five systems: technological innovation, knowledge innovation, national defense scientific and technological innovation, regional innovation and scientific and technological intermediary services, strengthen collaborative innovation, and establish a mechanism for the close integration and coordinated development of basic research, applied research, technological innovation and achievement transformation. We should improve the mechanism of regional innovation and development, give play to the leading role of local governments, strengthen classified guidance, speed up the construction of regional innovation systems with different characteristics, and strengthen regional scientific and technological cooperation. In addition, we should strengthen the opening and sharing of scientific and technological resources. Wan Gang revealed that China will establish a reasonable operation mechanism for scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises to open scientific research facilities and a unified scientific and technological reporting system; Establish and improve the duplication checking mechanism for the purchase of scientific research instruments and equipment with national financial funds and jointly evaluate whether the fuse is loose, so as to prevent the repeated purchase and idle waste of large scientific research instruments and equipment

"improving scientific and technological management and improving the input-output efficiency of scientific and technological resources is a major and urgent task to speed up the reform and development of science and technology." Wan Gang said that to study and grasp the law of science and technology management, the first is to strengthen the macro planning of science and technology. We will improve the overall and coordinated macro decision-making system, and improve the coordination mechanism between the central and local governments and between various departments. We should actively explore new national systems, improve the organization of major strategic scientific and technological tasks, and establish an operational mechanism in which decision-making, implementation, and evaluation are relatively separated and mutually supervised. Second, promote the reform of science and technology project management. Emphasize open, transparent, fair and scientific evaluation, and strengthen reform in key links such as demand collection, review and approval, process management, supervision and evaluation. Third, improve the management system of science and technology funds. Establish an investment mechanism that coordinates competitive funds and stable funds, and improve the indirect cost compensation mechanism of the project; We will strengthen supervision over the use of funds and improve the accountability mechanism. Fourth, deepen the reform of science and technology evaluation and reward system. According to the characteristics of different types of scientific and technological activities, we should strengthen classified evaluation, supervision and evaluation. We will improve the science and technology reward system with public nomination, scientific evaluation, practical testing and high public reliability

in terms of improving the talent development mechanism, Wan Gang said that he would coordinate the development of all kinds of innovative talents and improve the talent incentive system. Adhere to the combination of training and introduction, strengthen the training and use of high-level leading talents, young scientific and technological talents, especially young people under the age of 35, and actively introduce overseas excellent talents, especially top talents. We will improve the evaluation criteria and change the practice of unilaterally linking papers, projects, funds, and the number of patents directly to the evaluation and promotion of scientific and technological personnel. We will improve the talent flow mechanism, and improve the salary system and distribution incentive mechanism for innovative talents. We should strengthen scientific ethics and innovation. 3. Balancing machine (including on-site balancing instrument); Cultural construction. It emphasizes the need to protect academic freedom and improve a relaxed, inclusive and progressive academic atmosphere. We will improve the integrity system for scientific research, strengthen integrity self-discipline and supervision, purify the academic atmosphere, and develop an innovative culture

Wan Gang pointed out in the report that to create a good environment, in addition to the implementation of existing policies and [detailed] policies that are being piloted and need to be summarized, improved and promoted, new policies and measures will be put forward according to the new situation. For example, the opinions specifically proposed to establish a science and technology reporting system, and the science and technology research projects supported by finance should be announced to the whole society, so as to improve the allocation and use efficiency of science and technology resources; Establish a national innovation investigation system and strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of the construction of the national innovation system

it is reported that the policy measures specially emphasized in the opinions include: further implement and improve the policy measures for the gradual increase of the research and development funds of the whole society, and improve the science and technology investment system; Improve policies such as income tax incentives, first purchase and ordering of innovative products, equity option incentives and rewards, and income distribution, which are mainly used for accelerating the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements in automotive engine components; Strengthen the combination of science, technology and finance from the aspects of buyer's credit, seller's credit, financial leasing, venture capital, capital market, science and technology insurance, etc; Comprehensively implement the national intellectual property strategy, improve the mechanism of safeguarding rights, and strengthen the creation, protection, application and management of intellectual property; Conscientiously implement the laws and regulations related to science and technology, strengthen the legal protection of innovation, and create a good legal environment; We should make full use of international scientific and technological resources and expand scientific and technological opening-up and cooperation

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