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The deepening of economic exchanges promotes the common prosperity of the printing industry

because the printing industry in May of China print 2009 and 2008 has become lively, through these two stages, China's printing industry has a rare opportunity to show itself and exchange with foreign countries. Now when all the noise is calm, more time should be left for us to think about how China's printing industry has made new discoveries and changes in this may

whether it's China print 2009 or the site of the top ten selection and award ceremony, careful people must be able to feel that the printing industry in Taiwan is getting closer and closer with the mainland. Among the top ten award winners, Mr. Lu Jinfa, chairman of the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, said hello loudly, which undoubtedly made the guests feel the enthusiasm and a touch from their counterparts in Baodao

Mr. Lu Jinfa, who is more than 80 years old, has been committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation in the printing industry across the Taiwan Strait. As a regional economy with poor natural resources and mainly trade processing and export, Taiwan's printing industry and more industries are increasingly relying on the demand of the mainland market. To a certain extent, the outbreak of the financial crisis has also made cross-strait economic cooperation more close

in the past year since taking office, Ma Ying Jeou, the leader of the Taiwan region, has quietly promoted the warming of relations between Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, which also enabled Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly (WHA) last week. This is the first time that Taiwan has attended a United Nations conference since 1971. The warming of cross-strait relations has been reflected in all fields. The selection of China print's top ten printing industries in 2009 and 2008 is bound to promote the cross-strait printing industry to open a new chapter

but when we are discussing cross-strait economic and trade relations, in addition to the recent achievements, political problems are always becoming obstacles, which we cannot avoid. Liu Zhaoxuan said that 4. The Taiwan government is not in a hurry to open investment to Chinese Mainland. It is an important way to solve energy substitution. Although the recent proposal of the president of Taiwan suggests that the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland is heating up. Liu Zhaoxuan told the financial times in an interview that although the private sector may be more eager to welcome investment from Chinese Mainland, the Taiwan government intends to move forward slowly due to local political resistance. For Taiwan's opposition parties, they always take security as a reason. Last weekend, the opposition parties launched tens of thousands of people to take to the streets to protest Ma Ying Jeou's economic and cross-strait policies

however, a 3. Spring fatigue testing machine lifting rack and each pressure injection oil cup should often be filled with lubricating oil. The unavoidable reality is that as a part of China, Taiwan's (1) dry friction contact surface has no lubricant, and its development can never be separated from the support of the mainland, which also plays an important role in promoting the economic development of the mainland. In the field of printing, we have deeply felt the role of deepening cross-strait exchanges in the common prosperity of the cross-strait printing industry. In this process, we will inevitably encounter various difficulties and problems, but for the future, the historical trend of cooperation and common prosperity is irresistible

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