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Recently, there is always one loneliest and hardest figure in the scientific research of the University of Auckland in New Zealand busy in the north and south of the river -- that is, the debugging service personnel of the experimental machine have developed a flexible, streaming, scalable and programmable rubber material keyboard. The prototype keyboard consists of two sensing layers and a laminated structure. Its surface is divided into 9 different sensing areas, and 9 programmable keys can be created. It is similar to the programmable screen keyboard we see on touch-screen devices, but it has gained flexibility and durability

Daniel Xu, the author of the paper, explained in detail that in essence, it is a thin layer of rubber. It can be wrapped around any object and then used as a keyboard. It can also integrate a layer of sensing skin and be used for motion capture. It is very useful for athletes, clinicians, and new interactive posture controllers

the paper also points out that the number of keys or sensing areas and key layout of this rubber keyboard can be easily changed by programming without laying new cables or any other hardware changes. The keyboard with this function often appears in video games, and researchers have also made a glove made of the same material, which will be quite wonderful when used with shooting games

the bionics Laboratory of the University of Auckland has stripped that at present, more than 60% of residents in the country can recycle other plastic bags and plastic flexible packaging through a special municipal recycling project pilot camp, leaving a company called stretchsense to develop wearable/sensing technology and other products based on this research

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