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Deep fertilization technology for Mechanized Sowing of maize

1 What is the one-time deep fertilization technology of mechanized precision sowing of corn

answer: the mechanized precision sowing and one-time deep fertilization technology of corn is an advanced corn planting technology, which uses the 2bqf-2 precision seeder to burrow a single corn seed, sow it into the soil according to the position required by agronomy, and apply chemical fertilizer at one time. One time fertilization refers to the one-time application of chemical fertilizer into the soil according to the depth of agronomic requirements, so as to achieve the nutrients of crops in different periods and meet the nutritional needs of corn growth and development stages. The one-time deep application of long-acting fertilizer breaks the traditional farming procedures, and at the same time, combined with the closure of chemical herbicides, it reduces the links of artificial intercropping and artificial weeding, saves too much labor input, and improves the utilization rate of fertilizer, Achieve the goal of increasing grain production and farmers' income

2. What preparations should be made before mechanical precision sowing

answer: first, soil tillage and land preparation. The quality of tillage and land preparation is the basis of precision sowing. Years of experiments have shown that the depth of tillage should be consistent, no re tillage, no missed tillage, and it is required that the ground should be neat, the ground should be flat, the soil should be fine, the coverage should be tight, and no stubble weeds should be exposed. Soil preparation shall be carried out in time after deep ploughing. 2、 Seed selection and seed processing. Mechanical precision sowing requires high seed quality, and high-yield and high-quality varieties suitable for local natural conditions should be selected. The purity of seeds is 97%, the germination potential is strong, and the germination rate is more than 98%. Seeds should be uniform without damage. Seeds should be dried, coated, magnetized, etc. before sowing. Magnetize the seeds twice. 1. If the limit rod does not recover in time, sow within 24 hours of treatment

3. What are the requirements for mechanical precision seeders

answer: first, sowing method: use precision seeder for precision sowing. 2、 Seeding amount: the seeding amount is mainly determined according to the seed size, seed viability and planting measurement. It can be calculated according to the following formula: seeding amount per hectare (kg) = number of seeds per hole × Hectare plant size × 1000 grain weight (g) III. sowing depth: the sowing depth should be determined according to the soil type and temperature, the climatic conditions of the year, the sowing technology and other factors. Under general conditions, the suitable sowing depth of corn is 2.5~4.0 cm (the vertical distance between the ground surface and the seed after suppression). It should be properly deepened in sandy land, arid areas and dry years to ensure that the seeds are sown on wet soil. 4、 Requirements for row spacing: the mechanical seeding row should be straight and the row spacing should be consistent. Within the length range of 50 meters, the linear deviation is less than 2 cm, and the row spacing difference between adjacent boundaries is less than 4 cm. 5、 Suppression after sowing: timely suppression after sowing can create suitable soil combustion performance for crop growth to reach grade A1 (GB8624), smoke toxicity to reach grade AQ1 (gb/t20285), thermal conductivity ≤ 0.052w/(m2k) (gb/t10295) compactness, enhance soil moisture conservation capacity, and be conducive to seed germination. It is one of the important measures to ensure complete, neat and strong seedlings

4. What are the precautions for precision sowing and field operation

answer: first, the machine operator and the farm tool operator must cooperate closely. The farm tool operator should often observe the seed and fertilizer discharge to prevent missing sowing and application. 2、 Pay attention to the amount of seed fertilizer in the seed and fertilizer box at any time. Once you find that the amount of seed and fertilizer does not meet a journey, you should add it in time to avoid wasting time by adding seed and fertilizer in the middle of the ground at the same time. 3、 If the air suction seeder is used for seeding, the fan speed should not be high or low. 4、 During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to reverse and turn without lifting the farm tools, so as to avoid damaging the machine parts

5. What is the development prospect of popularizing 2bqf-2 precision seeder

answer: the application of 2bqf-2 precision seeder can save 2 kg of seeds per mu of land, without manual thinning, save 0.3 working days, realize deep fertilization, fully improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer by 10~15 percentage points, single plant alone, seedlings are neat and strong, and the corn yield per mu can be increased by 25 kg. The use of precision seeder can also improve the operation efficiency, improve the seeding speed, and reduce the labor intensity. It is of great significance to promote the industrialization, scale, serialization and modernization of agriculture in our city. The aluminum alloy connector products consistent with the performance of aluminum alloy core cables are widely used together with aluminum alloy cables. It has become an inevitable trend under the new situation and has a broad prospect of popularization and application

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