Overhaul of the hottest BASF Dow SABIC European et

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Overhaul of BASF, Dow and SABIC European ethylene production units

BASF Petrochemical's No. 2 ethylene production unit in ludwigshaven, Germany, was shut down for routine overhaul last week. The capacity of the unit can reach 450000 tons/year, and the overhaul is expected to last about 5 weeks. This is the most common equipment in the plastic mixing laboratory

weiner said it was not clear why plastic was identified as the most likely material to stop

at the same time, Dow Chemical's No. 1 cracking unit in terneuzen, the Netherlands, will also be overhauled next week, with a capacity of 580000 tons/year of ethylene

sabic's No.3 cracking unit in Geleen, the Netherlands, plans to shut down for maintenance this weekend, with a capacity of 575000 tons/year

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