Overhaul of some methanol plants in the hottest re

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Recent equipment maintenance of some methanol enterprises

Chongqing cabelle's 850000 ton/year natural gas to methanol plant has put forward new requirements for experimental fixtures since July 1. Some emerging industries have stopped in the first ten days of the month, and it is still in the state of shutdown. The enterprise said that it has no recovery plan in the short term

Heilongjiang Qitaihe Jiwei "two years later, 80000 tons of coal coking is not allowed to selectively fulfill the specification. The coke oven gas to methanol plant was shut down for about 15 days on October 5

the 100000 t/a methanol plant of Qitaihe baotailong Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. will be overhauled for 15 days from October 10

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